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When we start to reach our 30’s, many of us are re-thinking our lives.


What do I want to achieve?


Who do I want to be?


We are reshaping our lives. Creating Healthy habits. Setting Ambitious goals.


A success-bound path…


But there's something that doesn't quite fit in this new picture – the habit of lighting up a cigarette.


As we mature and reshape our lives, we often realise certain habits no longer serve us.


It's hard to ignore that the smoking breaks interrupt your momentum, that the smell of smoke doesn't match the fresh start you're trying to create.


It's tough to align with the drive for a healthier lifestyle with the fact that you're still inhaling those toxins every day.



The Thought of Quitting Can Feel Like Losing a Friend.

I used to smoke myself, and I know how the thought of quitting can feel like losing a friend.


We romanticise the idea of smoking.


But that charming tale shattered when I opened my eyes to the embarrasing, even desperate lengths people would go to for a cigarette.


The process of quitting smoking is often mistaken as an individual's fight, a measure of personal determination.


Yet, it's not that straightforward - smoking has become part of who we are.


We aspire to be viewed as non-smokers, but when we're alone, we still crave the sensation.


The uplifting news is, you don't have to face this battle on your own.


There are new methods and tools available that equip you with the self-assurance you require on this path.


These new tools are built to empathise with your fears, your struggle, and the real roadblocks of quitting.

A Natural Strategy Along With a Powerful Aid to Help you Break free From the Smoking Habit

In this read, we'll unfold a proven, natural strategy along with a powerful aid to help you break free from the smoking habit.


This approach is tailored to resonate with your personal journey, offering the support and empathy you need.


It's your moment to transition into a vibrant, smoke-free life.


If you are like me you have tried many ways of quitting smoking - Nicotine Replacement Therapy, numerous quit-smoking books, or just finding ways to distract yourself.


However, I found that the reality often contradicts the promise.


Nicotine patches just replace one crutch with another, and once you quit, the cravings come back worse than before.


While books can provide insight, they often lack the support or tools necessary to make the journey less lonely and more achievable.


But let's acknowledge that everyone's journey is unique. What might not work for me, might just be the right method for another.


It's all about finding what resonates with your individual struggle and your commitment to a healthier life.

“No one has ever told me how much it mattered”

I realized something important - I hadn't been paying enough attention to my breathing. As no one had ever told me how much it mattered.


Once I started to focus on my breath, I saw things differently.


Quitting smoking wasn't about what others thought anymore.


It was about my health.


Understanding this gave me the motivation to quit smoking for good.


It made sense - breathing is important, we need it to live, and smoking was messing that up. That was the push I needed.

The impact of smoking was reflected back to me during parties. I saw friends, previously involved in lively discussions, breaking away just to get their nicotine fix.


They seemed on edge, unable to truly enjoy the moment without a cigarette in hand.


And then, there was this person I felt attracted to.


Though they never mentioned it, I could sense their subtle disgust around the smoky smell clinging to me.


The unsaid became loud and clear…


I had to quit.


The answer to my problem came from a friend who recommended me Anapana. They've created a tool called the Anapana Necklace to help people manage their anxiety through controlled breathing.


The practice, inspired by Buddhist traditions, uses the concept of "Anapana" – a Pali term for 'inhalation-exhalation.'


It is a simple yet powerful way to improve concentration, mindfulness, and tranquility.


I was introduced to the Anapana Necklace by friends who had started using it to enhance their conscious breathing.


They found it to be a calming alternative to smoking.


The method is straightforward.


You take a deep breath through your belly, then exhale slowly through the tube on the necklace.


This process naturally slows down your breath and has a calming effect on your parasympathetic nervous system.


Now, I'm typically skeptical of such methods, even though it is backed by scientific evidence.


But since I had tried so many alternatives, I thought; "What do I have to lose?"



"I finally was able to transition into the person I wanted to be"

Admittedly, it took a little while getting used to it.


At its core, it was essentially just a straw, which felt somewhat anticlimactic.


However, as I learned how to use it effectively, it quickly became an essential part of my daily routine.


The necklace came in handy whenever I felt an urge to light up a cigarette or when I was dealing with stressful situations.


I also found out that the slow, measured breathing it encourages is an excellent pre-sleep ritual.


I've kicked my smoking habit, which was a significant milestone for me.


And to my surprise, I've also discovered a love for running - something I never saw myself doing.


All in all, the Anapana Necklace has been a central part in my transition to a healthier, smoke-free life.


It helped me manage the urges to smoke and enabled me to replace the habit with healthier ones.


Now, I don't just live without cigarettes, but I've embraced a more active lifestyle.


It's a change that I truly appreciate as I finally feel like myself again.



Here's How It Works

All in all, the Anapana Necklace has been a central part in my transition to a healthier, smoke-free life.


It helped me manage the urges to smoke and enabled me to replace the habit with healthier ones.


Now, I don't just live without cigarettes, but I've embraced a more active lifestyle.


It's a change that I truly appreciate as I finally feel like myself again.


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